Another Reason Muslims Wear Robes In Summer

June 27,2022

The explanation for the less clothing in summer, the hotter it is, is that when the temperature approaches or exceeds 37°C, the skin not only weakens the heat dissipation function, but also absorbs heat from the external environment. Wearing too little can easily get burned by UV rays and cause skin inflammation, so the harder it is to get hot, the less you can't just wear a vest, shorts or shirtless. Although there is no specific professional conclusion for this theory, it is very reliable based on personal experience, otherwise it may cause skin diseases.


Traditional Dress of Muslim Women - Poka

June 14,2022

Burqa (English: burqa, Burka, burqua), also transliterated as Boka, Buga or Burka, is the traditional dress of women in Arab countries and some Islamic countries, and it is also the regulation of most of these countries. After wearing it, the woman was wrapped from head to toe, and could only see the outside world through a small piece of gauze in front of her. The burqa is a loose, black, floor sweeping coat, but the burqa has different styles, styles, colors, tailoring and wearing methods due to different customs in different countries. However, under the influence of western fashion trends, women's gowns have also changed with the fashion trend, and are no longer just a piece of simple black cloth.


Islamic Clothing Requirements

May 31,2022

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Characteristics of African Style Clothing

May 17,2022

In the characteristics of African style clothing, men basically wear trousers, and only some teenagers wear shorts. One is the people who often work and have something to do, who wear trousers and T-shirts, shirts or others, and the other is those who wear trousers and shirts.


How to Choose the Style of the Skirt

April 24,2022

In addition to wearing T-shirts and pants in summer, wearing a skirt is cool and easy to show the good temperament of women. In addition to the trend and personal preferences, the selection of skirt version can also play a decisive role in the selection of skirts. Girls of different heights have completely different criteria for choosing skirts, so how can they choose skirts that are more suitable for them? Let's take a look at the following dressing tips.


Muslim Dress Code

April 09,2022

Today, we summarize the four principles of Muslim clothing, as follows:


Why African Women Need To Wear Hijab

March 25,2022

Just like choosing a perfume, Egyptian women also need to choose different styles of headscarves for different occasions. In fact, it is in this variety of choices that Arab women in North Africa have tasted the fun of chasing fashion.


Dress code for Muslim men in worship

January 19,2022

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