The Advantages of Embroidery in Modern Clothing

September 20,2022

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Lace Skirt is so Beautiful, but it may not Fit You

September 05,2022

Lace skirt refers to items from season to season. It is a "wardrobe collection" that everyone has but will not wear for the first time.


How to Properly Maintain a Lace Dress

August 19,2022

Lace is a medium for women to show their sex appeal. It is also a symbol of mature femininity. So how do we usually maintain lace dress?


Meaning of Muslim Robe

August 05,2022

Muslim is a derivative of the word "Islam", and the traditional clothing of Islam is the robe. Why do they wear robes all year round? One is to adapt to the needs of the climate and alleviate the harm caused by the climate to the body. In addition, Muslims wear white and black robes as a status symbol, so people in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates like to wear traditional robes.


Three Tips for Wearing a Dress

July 22,2022

After the summer, the most time-saving way to wear is undoubtedly to use a dress directly. The dress is very simple to wear, but if you want to dress elegantly and look tall, ordinary people also need to consider the style of the skirt and some corresponding details. 


Maintenance Method of Lace Dress

July 09,2022

Lace is a medium for women to show their sexy charm, and it is also a symbol of mature femininity. But if they can wear lace skirts, they should also be able to maintain lace skirts, so that their charm can last for a long time! How do we usually maintain our dresses?


Another Reason Muslims Wear Robes In Summer

June 27,2022

The explanation for the less clothing in summer, the hotter it is, is that when the temperature approaches or exceeds 37°C, the skin not only weakens the heat dissipation function, but also absorbs heat from the external environment. Wearing too little can easily get burned by UV rays and cause skin inflammation, so the harder it is to get hot, the less you can't just wear a vest, shorts or shirtless. Although there is no specific professional conclusion for this theory, it is very reliable based on personal experience, otherwise it may cause skin diseases.


Traditional Dress of Muslim Women - Poka

June 14,2022

Burqa (English: burqa, Burka, burqua), also transliterated as Boka, Buga or Burka, is the traditional dress of women in Arab countries and some Islamic countries, and it is also the regulation of most of these countries. After wearing it, the woman was wrapped from head to toe, and could only see the outside world through a small piece of gauze in front of her. The burqa is a loose, black, floor sweeping coat, but the burqa has different styles, styles, colors, tailoring and wearing methods due to different customs in different countries. However, under the influence of western fashion trends, women's gowns have also changed with the fashion trend, and are no longer just a piece of simple black cloth.


Islamic Clothing Requirements

May 31,2022

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Characteristics of African Style Clothing

May 17,2022

In the characteristics of African style clothing, men basically wear trousers, and only some teenagers wear shorts. One is the people who often work and have something to do, who wear trousers and T-shirts, shirts or others, and the other is those who wear trousers and shirts.