African traditional Beading dresses

August 14,2021

The World of African Traditional Beading Dresses

Beads have a long history in traditional African handicrafts. The most developed countries in bead decoration technology are also in Africa, where beads have already been integrated into people's daily life. The beautiful beading work can be found everywhere in jewelry, clothing, furniture, etc.. In this article, Ay Fashion clothes will lead you into the world of African traditional bearing dresses. 


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Fashion is a cycle, and all the old will be announced again in a new form. This retro phenomenon is the basis of fashion. For African traditional wearing dresses, beads that used to be worn only on important occasions have become an important part of this modern African clothing style.



Elegant Beading lace African dress


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Modern wholesale African traditional Beading dresses long dress Factory price



The above models are the best-selling ones on our official website. This kind of skirt is made of light, soft and good drape fabric. We use 3D stereo cutting to make the part and the whole of dress show stereo effect. The raised waistline and knee length skirt make the wearer's posture look more slender and straight. African wearing dresses factory manufactures skirts of various sizes, providing women of all sizes with the option to wear beautiful African traditional wearing dresses made by Ay fashion attire.

The modern styles bearing dresses of this series are evolved from the traditional style. Their generous and natural printing, rich and bright colors and soft clothing lines all reflect the characteristics handed down from traditional Africa for thousands of years. The combination of beading and lace highlights the characteristics of women. The collocation of lace and beads is infinitely variable, as unique and charming as the women wearing them.



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Ay Fashion clothes


Ay Fashion clothes



Established in 2004, AY collection Fashion Manufacturer has 16 years experience in Africa

We design many traditional styles Beading dresses as well as modern styles Bending dresses. Since we have our own African Beading dresses factory, we can offer you better custom service and offer products with competitive factory prices. 



Why add beading works to the African dresses?


There is one thinf that we keep in minds, that we are not only making clothes, but also creating beauty; we are not only doing clothing business, but also spreading African traditional culture. And bends are a kind of  a carrier of African culture. 

As one of the most important and attractive symbols in Africa, you can find beads of any color, texture, shape and size you can image in the people who lives in this land. Beads are made of a wide variety of materials, from glass to gemstones and so on. The way and type of wearing beads represent the wearer's perspective or self-consciousness, and sometimes an identity status. In addition, in Africa, bead strings are considered to have special energy and have various effects on the human body. It is considered to be an effective therapeutic tool.


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