Characteristics Of African Clothing

February 24,2022

What is African clothing like in your impression? And after reading this paper, you must be amazing about it. Ok, let’s see what are the characteristics of African clothing.


African Robes


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African style robes are characterized by loose, loose, sleeveless, collarless or low collars. They are simple in style and are cool and comfortable to wear in hot climates. Some simplified for a piece of cloth, bare right arm, right shoulder, round collar open to the chest. Both sides of the opening from the shoulder to the knee, when the day when clothes, when the night when covered, in the desert area when the sand is covered.


The robes of high status and wealthy families were exquisitely crafted, well-textured and beautifully patterned. A luxurious robe made by a skilled tailor also takes half a month to a month, resembling a work of art.


African Dress


Dress is general bare shoulders. The cloth colors are mainly bright red, emerald green, indigo, cyan - violet - based color, for middle-aged and elderly women, they are more white, black.


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African women like colorful, rough patterns, bold lines of the dress, appears both generous and elegant, and eye-catching. In some places the wrap extends from chest to waist to toes.


Do not look down upon a piece of wrapping cloth, it will  become a unique art appreciation in the African women's ingenious sewing, with a variety of patterns. Some patterns have their own flavor, such as ivorian "banne" (a name for a dress) embroidered with "four feet" to indicate that the couple are inseparable, and "char-grilled fish" to indicate that the couple go to a restaurant together.


Modern Features Of African Clothing


Today, traditional African robes are rarely seen in major African cities. People are wearing casual clothes such as vests, T-shirts, shorts, jeans, etc.


In recent years, under the influence of international fashion trends, African clothing, especially African women's clothing, is quietly changing. On the one hand, African women's clothing is changing the traditional style of loose, loose and heavy, and slowly to simple, slim direction. African women are tall, well-proportioned and plump, and the style of women's wear in the new era appropriately highlights the curvy beauty of African women. On the other hand, African women's clothing culture frequently appears in various international fashion weeks, and is famous for bright colors, retro patterns, smooth tailoring, and even leads the international fashion trend.


African men's clothing, in addition to the traditional African robe, is basically imported from Europe. In formal occasions, especially when foreigners are present, African men wear suits and shoes in order to appear solemn.


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