Characteristics of African Style Clothing

May 17,2022

In the characteristics of African style clothing, men wear trousers, and only some teenagers wear shorts. One is the people who often work and have something to do, who wear trousers and T-shirts, shirts or others, and the other is those who wear trousers and shirts.


African style clothing


Women don't wear pants. They usually only wear African-style dresses. Poor people are a piece of wrap. This kind of dress is generally bare shoulders, and the cloth color is mainly bright red, emerald green, indigo, and cyan, while middle-aged and elderly women are mostly white and black.


African women like dresses with bright colors, rough patterns, and unrestrained lines, which are both generous and elegant, and eye-catching. In some places, the body cloth is wrapped from the chest, waist to toes.


Don't underestimate a piece of wrap cloth. It has become a unique art appreciation with a variety of patterns under the ingenious sewing and cutting of African women. Some patterns have a unique flavor. The "four feet" embroidered on the "PNE" in C ô te d'Ivoire means that the husband and wife are inseparable, and the "charcoal-grilled fish" means that the husband and wife go to the restaurant together.


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