Dress code for Muslim men in worship

January 19,2022

Muslims must wear neat, elegant and solemn costumes to express their gratitude and praise to Allah in their hearts, because the feeling of worship is to meet Allah. Therefore, today's discussion of the norms of Muslim men's clothing can be based on the requirements of worship clothing as the highest standard. According to the training and legal system, men's clothing at worship can be summarized into the following ten principles:


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(1) Choose the noblest clothes in your home, so as to compare the best, without having to compete and compare with other people.


(2) the clothes for worship should not have the belief style similar to other religions.


(3) The minimum of worship clothes is to cover the shy body of men: from above the navel to below the knees.


(4) Worship clothes must be clean, and stains and urine spots are not allowed, and sweat or strange smell are not allowed.


(5) The color of clothes for worship should be light, preferably white, avoiding bright and dazzling colors and exaggerated patterns.


(6) The patterns on clothes can be flowers and geometric figures, so as to avoid images of people or animals, and also avoid "T-shirts" or advertising words printed with strange words.


(7) Wear long clothes in worship, and cover the shape of buttocks at the back; Long gown and trouser legs should not be lower than ankle bones.


(8) If you don't wear a coat, don't tuck your shirt into your suit waistband.


(9) You must take off your shoes, wear socks or go barefoot during the week.


(10) According to the holy line, you should wrap your head, or wear a round hat without edges to prevent your hair from being scattered.


Islamic costumes are not only the norm of civilization but also the symbol of morality. God revealed in the Koran: "You say to the believers, ask them to lower their eyes and cover their nakedness, which is purer for them. God really knows their behavior."


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