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August 12,2021

Never faded: Nigeria Abaya Hijab Clothes

Nigeria Abaya Hijab Clothes is a traditional kind of african attire.Abaya dress is common in Muslim societies. Nowadays, it become not only a business and also an artform. As a manufacturer in african attire wholesale for more than 15 years, in our eyes', the beauty of Nigeria Abaya dress defies description.


In today's world, abaya is one of the most elegant clothes. Maybe it's just a personal preference to wear abaya, or you can prepare an abaya because you want to attend an important occasion. Almost all local women have a Nigeria abaya dress in their wardrobe. It is very important to know the latest robe styles and trends. It will guide you to choose the robe that suits you.


Before entering the world of Nigeria abaya hijab clothes, let's briefly understand the local conditions and customs of this country.



Nigeria: the home land of Nigeria Abaya dress

Nigeria is an ancient African country. As early as 2000 years ago, there was a relatively developed culture. Nigeria has a tropical savanna climate, with high temperature and rainy season. The whole year is divided into dry season and rainy season. The annual average temperature is 26 ~ 27 ℃, the annual average temperature in coastal areas is 32.2 ° C, and the northernmost can reach 40.6 ° C. Nigerians are straightforward, sincere, hospitable and polite.



Various styles of Nigeria Abaya dress


(1) Two piece Nigeria Abaya:

This is undoubtedly the most valuable abaya, because it is a two-in-one abaya. You can wear two pieces, just like a closed abaya or an open abaya. Since the inner layer of the abaya has been sewn, you just need to put your hands into the armhole to match the jeans.


(2) The draped Abaya:

The design of this Abaya is inspired by the Greek robe, which represents a new turning point in Nigeria Abaya Hijab Clothes design. The comfortable design allows the wearer to move freely. It only uses the soft and elegant fabric. You can match the draped Abaya with leggings,



(3) Kimono Abaya:

kimono Abaya seem to be the most popular Abayas now. Many people like kimonos rather than ordinary Abaya. Because this type of Abaya is friendly to breastfeeding, it is also very popular with some lactating mothers.



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Nigeria Abaya Hijab Clothes


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