High Quality African Traditional Boubou for Ladies

August 14,2021

What about the manufaction of Ladies Casual Boubou?

The most distinctive features of traditional Boubou are fabric and embroidery. Boubou is a traditional African garment that can be made with wax fabric, Bazin or cotton. Bazin is not a local fabric. This kind of shining fabric comes from Europe and Asia

Embroidery decoration often appears on Boubou. These embroidery can be simple patterns or complex images. Embroidery often appears in bouboubou's neckline, back or pocket.

In the past, Boubou was sewn and hand embroidered by traditional methods. Previously, Boubou was sewn and hand embroidered by traditional methods, which consumed time and manpower. Now we can use machines and introduce multiple production lines, which greatly improves the production efficiency.



Islamic Cotton Boubou wholesale, Islamic women Cotton Boubou


Islamic Cotton Boubou wholesale



Traditional Boubou in Weddings:

As a formal dress, grand boubou consists of three clothes: a pair of ankle long lace up pants, a long sleeved shirt and a wide sleeveless robe. These three clothes are usually the same color.


Africans wear grand boubou on formal occasions and dress up carefully. It is a unisex outfit for both men and women. For example, at a traditional wedding in Gabon, the groom always tends to wear the grand boubou (agbada) on his special day. This gorgeous boubou is one of the names of an elegant wide sleeved robe, which is related to the dashiki suit to some extent.


When the pasted grand bouboubou is draped on the body, it creates a solemn and elegant posture for the wearer, with dignified height and demeanor. Usually, men will wear the classic boubou with a matching shirt and trousers underneath and women wear boubou with a matching wrapper or headdresses.



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Islamic women Cotton Boubou



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