How to Choose the Style of the Skirt

April 24,2022

In addition to wearing T-shirts and pants in summer, wearing a skirt is cool and easy to show the good temperament of women. In addition to the trend and personal preferences, the selection of skirt version can also play a decisive role in the selection of skirts. Girls of different heights have completely different criteria for choosing skirts, so how can they choose skirts that are more suitable for them? Let's take a look at the following dressing tips.


As far as height is concerned, it is nothing more than the difference between tall and low stature. Generally, one meter six and one meter sixty-eight are used as the dividing line. Girls below 1.6 meters are generally short in stature. The girls who are 1.6 to 1.68 meters tall are more moderate. Girls who are taller than 1.68 meters are considered tall girls. Girls in these three height stages have completely different standards when choosing skirts. Which version is more suitable for them? Below are some recommended dresses for you.


What kind of skirt suits people of different heights?




✔️Girls who are less than 1.6 meters tall


For girls who are less than 1.6 meters tall, their height is generally short. The tricks that everyone knows about choosing skirts is that short skirts are more suitable for them, and long skirts are not suitable for them. Try short dresses or skirts.


✔️Girls from 1.6 to 1.68 meters tall


Girls who are taller than 1.6 meters and less than 1.68 meters tall are just right. It is relatively easier to choose skirts, and it is not easy to choose the wrong skirt. Whether it is a short skirt or a long skirt, there is always one that suits them. Such as slit skirt, A-line long skirt


✔️Girls taller than 1.68 meters


Girls who are particularly tall have the same concerns about height as girls who are short. In fact, tall girls can take advantage of their height to choose good clothes.


When choosing to wear skirts, try not to wear short skirts. I always feel that wearing a smaller size is easy to have a nondescript feeling. Choosing to wear a long skirt is more in line with their height and more aura. Such as shirt skirts or satin skirts.


To sum up


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