Meaning of Muslim Robe

August 05,2022

Muslim is a derivative of the word "Islam", and the traditional clothing of Islam is the robe. Why do they wear robes all year round? One is to adapt to the needs of the climate and alleviate the harm caused by the climate to the body. In addition, Muslims wear white and black robes as a status symbol, so people in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates like to wear traditional robes.


Muslim Robe


What's the difference between a white robe and a black robe?


Muslim black robes are generally worn by women, mainly to cover the women's bodies. There are various patterns on the black robes, which are particularly fashionable. For women, as long as they step out of the house, they have to cover themselves from head to toe with a black robe.


Muslim white robes are generally worn by men and must be customized. The material of white robes is generally cotton, linen, silk and other fabrics with high comfort. The white robe symbolizes nobility, atmosphere, stability, purity, and the price is not cheap.


Anyone who goes to work in government departments or participates in major events must wear a headscarf and a robe, even in daily life and public places.


How to tell the identity of Dubai men from the white robe they wear?


In Dubai, wearing a white robe is also a symbol of status. Every time we see the sheikh of Dubai and Prince Hamandan of Dubai, they also wear white robes. Dubai wearing a white robe to see identity can be distinguished by the following two points:


  • The quality of their life can be seen from the cleanliness of the white robes. For example, farmers from poor families need to do some farm work on a daily basis, which makes it difficult to keep their white robes clean. Some Arabs even prepare several sets of white robes in the car when they go out. If the white robe is slightly stained or slightly wrinkled, they will immediately change to the second set.
  • White robe material. It can also be distinguished by material density, weight, and composition ratio. Generally, white robes with good materials have the characteristics of good drape, good air permeability, and comfortable wearing.