Muslim Dress Code

April 09,2022

Today, we summarize the four principles of Muslim clothing, as follows:


Muslim dress


Wear clothes to cover your shame


Whether it is hot or cold, Muslims should cover some parts of the body with clothes. All civilizations in the world can have their understanding of covering shame. Every country has a minimum legal provision for public clothing to maintain "social Weathering", but the standard is difficult to determine.


The Islamic legal system stipulates the parts that men and women must wear, which is a principle that all Muslims must abide by. The shy part of a man is from below the navel to above the knee, in the middle of the body. Women's clothes should be covered more. Their whole body should be covered with clothes, and only their faces, hands, and feet are allowed to be exposed.


Dress solemnly


The social benefit of dressing is to show people their temperament, demeanor, and character, at least not to make people look at it and hate it. Animal feathers not only protect the body but also convey information. Men's clothes show will and confidence, good physique, decent behavior, and honesty; Women must dress neatly and generously, have a pure and kind heart, and have a solemn and cultured manner.


Show faith and identity


Islamic Clothing standards only have principles, such as the different parts that men and women must cover, but there are no provisions on clothing styles, respecting the habits of all ethnic groups and local creativity. All kinds of occupations and social status can be expressed in clothes. Muslims first expressed their belief in the one and only God, and men and women should distinguish the clothes of other faiths.


Show mental health


The colors and styles of clothes can be varied. Both men and women should show their inner health and simplicity of thought, and avoid three kinds of psychopathic clothes: showing wealth, arrogance and decadence, and pessimism.


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