Three Tips for Wearing a Dress

July 22,2022

After the summer, the most time-saving way to wear is undoubtedly to use a dress directly. The dress is very simple to wear, but if you want to dress elegantly and look tall, ordinary people also need to consider the style of the skirt and some corresponding details. 


Four Tips for Wearing a Dress


Wearing a Dress


Wear a skirt to tuck your waist


The most important thing to pay attention to in one-piece skirts is the waistline. Although skirts without a waistline are comfortable to wear, they will face problems such as bloated and loose shapes.


For middle-aged women who pay attention to elegance and decency, we must avoid blurred waist lines when wearing dresses, and do not choose dress styles that have no waist design at all.


In addition, the position of the waistline should be moved up, not down. Dresses with too low waistline cannot adjust the proportion of the body. Middle-aged women can also use the waist fold design to shrink the waist.


Skirt length is moderate


No matter what style of skirt it is, we must pay attention to the length when purchasing, and do not choose a style whose length is not suitable for us.


Skirts with a length above the middle of the thigh, stuck near the calf, or dragged on the floor need to be kept as far away as possible. These skirts are either easy to run out, or will enlarge the short body, or procrastinate.

It is recommended that you choose these three length skirts, the first length is a little above the knee, the second length covers the calf, but does not exceed the ankle, and the third length is near the ankle but not dragging the floor.


Wear a skirt with matching shoes


Dress matching has high requirements on shoes. Not only can you choose all kinds of shoes that are too heavy and dull, but you also can't choose all kinds of fancy and cumbersome shoes.


The correct idea is to choose shoes that can improve the sense of breathing, and the shoes themselves are simple in style, without too many complicated designs. In addition, the shoes should not be made of plastic materials, but should be mainly made of soft leather.


For example, the python pattern slippers above, and the light-colored one-button thick-heeled sandals are all good choices.