Where can I buy Plus Size African Dresses and how to start African Clothing wholesale

August 14,2021

Are you looking for african dress for plus size women? If so, you are lucky that you come to the right place. We are african dress for plus size women wholesaler and our Plus Size African Dresses Factory  is located in China. Follow us to see some of the lovely plus size african print dresses and plus size caftans.




Why Ay Fashion clothes maintain our focus on Plus Size African Dresses?


Plus Size African Dresses Factory,african maxi dresses plus size

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. In Ay Fashion clothes , We celebrate women of all shapes and sizes. Every ladies should have the same chance to buy beautiful dresses. That's what we believe. And what we exactly do at the moment is to enlarge joy of dressing yourself.



Ay Fashion clothes have been involved in plus size african clothing design and wholesale for more than 16 years. Years of experience and datas of market research, and the most important things, our love to make plus size african clothing give us the confidence to create a new vision for the plus size african clothing industry and hardwired impression for plus size women of the public in the next decade.   



Since the day of the foundation of Ay Fashion, we have made our minds in leading the fashion trend in traditional Africa dress series and shows unique charm of African women. 

Plus Size African Dresses wholesale



The following years, we built our own Plus Size African Dresses Factory to give better OEM/ODM service for our customers all over the world. Will you be the next customer of Ay Fashion?  




Hot-selling: Plus Size African Fashion Dresses with Factory Price

Plus Size African Ladies Fashion Dresses with Factory Price Plus Size African Ladies Fashion Dresses Factory Price


Africa Love Sahara Fat Women Dresses Designer Clothing


African Plus Size Les Model D Habit Africaine Women Dresses



The above are Plus Size African Dresses of classic styles. If you need a hit, you should bring these plus size dresses on the top seller's lists rather than purchasing bulk and wholesale in variou kinds at once in a state of confusion. 


If you are  new retailers who want to start Plus Size African Clothing Business, we've put together some tips on doing the Plus Size African Dresses wholesale that might help you.


Practical tips for purchasing African large women's clothing

1. Make a certain plan before each clothing purchase, such as which products are out of stock, which wholesalers are close, and which wholesalers are fast in new products. Have a general plan for these, which will greatly reduce the time after arriving at the market.

2. We must grasp the purchase time of clothing and deal with the inventory in time. At this time, it is also more important to pay attention to weather changes.

3. How much to buy: Generally speaking, there should be two funds, one is the clothing purchase fund, the other is the replenishment fund, and a little balance should be prepared.

4. Do not replenish only the products sold each time because some styles are very marketable. Do not replenish some products with poor sales, or even sell them short. The result is that there will never be regular customers.

5. Many large clothes have many colors and styles. Don't buy them all.

6. Control the time of clothing purchase. On weekends, holidays and other busy business days, you should not go out to purchase goods or replenish goods on the shelves. If there is a promotion, you should purchase goods before the promotion.

7. When purchasing clothes, contact more wholesalers and learn more about them, because from the conversation with wholesalers, you can learn a lot of problems. Finally, different sales areas are restricted by climate, economic ability and aesthetic views of consumers. When purchasing wholesale goods, we should analyze the specific situation and purchase flexibly.






For more information about Plus Size African Dresses, african maxi dresses plus size, plus size caftans with sleeves, etc., feel free to contact us.



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