Africa Cotton Dress


Embroidery Kaftan

Floral Kaftan includes a bodice and a sleeve that are attached together. The robe is single-layer or double-layer structure. The single-layer robe is made of heating and thermal insulation fabric, which is made of radiating fabric and has the function of heating and thermal insulation. The inner layer of the double robe is made of ordinary fabric, while the outer layer is made of heating and thermal insulation fabric.  

The garment body and robe, whether single or double, are usually connected by sewing, and can be connected together by any method of zipper, button, buckle and Velcro. The double layer can be first made into the outer or inner layer of a single piece, and then connected with the outer and inner layers.  Arab ladies' thermal gowns with the function of heating and keeping warm can meet people's needs for heating and keeping warm in daily life